Eliminated Survivor contestant Josh Hickford says his blindside elimination during last night's episode of Survivor New Zealand felt "like a death".

Hickford was voted out in a surprise twist after the initial members of his new tribe, Chani, orchestrated a blindside to get rid of the incoming tribemates from Khangkhaw.

"When I walked out I likened it to the All Blacks losing to France in 1999 and 2007," he says. "It feels like a death; it feels like a funeral. That might sound dramatic, but especially when you don't see it coming, it's definitely a massive shock to the system."

Hickford was particularly taken by surprise by Chani members Arun and Dave, who had both deceived Hickford into thinking they were on his side.


In his exit interview, Hickford called the blindside "the most deceitful behaviour I've probably seen in my life."

"For Arun and Dave to lie in my face and shake my hand in an alliance, it's tough to take," he continued. "I think it's gonna come back to haunt them."

Speaking to the Herald, Hickford says those sentiments still stand.

"The feelings are still there," he says. "I like to surround myself with like-minded people in my life, but yeah they're definitely not. (They) won't be invited to my man cave.

"I think in the end, you play the game how you live your life and that's probably what cost me, and I think their games don't really correlate with how I operate, and I don't see any friendship there."

Josh says his elimination was the result of
Josh says his elimination was the result of "deceitful behaviour". Photo / Scott McAulay

Hickford chose not to reveal to the other contestants that he last year survived a battle with cancer.

While leaving tribal council during last night's episode, he told his tribemates: "I've been through a lot to be here, which will become evident."