Dirty tricks in Turkmenistan

Police in Turkmenistan have begun inspecting public and private toilets across the country for evidence of photos of President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov being used as toilet paper. This is the same country that earlier this year banned black cars because its president loves white. Rumours began circulating after school- children were detained when evidence was found that portraits of the President had been trampled on, drawn on (a moustache added) and used as toilet tissue. Police officers were instructed to inspect both public and household toilets for incriminating evidence of defiling President Berdymukhammedov's portrait and staff at landfills in Turkmenistan were told to be on the lookout for soiled pictures of the country's supreme leader. Local media report that due to an ongoing economic crisis newspapers are an economic necessity. And since pictures of the President dominate most of the pages of national newspapers, it's actually difficult to avoid this crime. (Via Oddity Central)

Drunk? Which category do you stumble into?

You may have notice among your own peer group, when out drinking people behave very differently, even after drinking the same amount. One friend might be giggling uncontrollably, while another is telling a hilarious story to a group of strangers, a third is picking a fight with the bouncer, and the last is talking to the bartender as if those four tequilas never happened. Research out of the University of Missouri has an explanation after their research suggests there are four types of drunks: the Hemingway, whose personality doesn't change a bit, the Mary Poppins, those who get sweeter and happier, the Nutty Professor, who becomes more social, and the Mr Hyde, who becomes more hostile and less responsible around booze. (Via Time.com)

The aliens are coming

The aliens are coming. View over Taupo at 5.15pm, Saturday 26th 2018 snapped by Eileen Byrne.
The aliens are coming. View over Taupo at 5.15pm, Saturday 26th 2018 snapped by Eileen Byrne.

Taking the piss out of an icon

During restoration of the Statue of Liberty in 1986, the restorers noticed an area low on the statue where the patina was worn away and speculated that the damage might have been caused by construction workers urinating from the top of the statue instead of coming down to use a toilet. Officials vehemently disagreed, insisting that the damage was actually caused by "a vinegar-like solution workers recently used in the process of stripping layers of paint inside the statue", If it was the workers urinating, it would've take "major gallons" of liquid to strip away the colour, said one expert.

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Fight all you want, but anaesthesia will always win...

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