Tonight on Dancing with the Stars our remaining celebrities quick-stepped their way back to the roaring 1920s with a prohibition theme.

However, some dancers were smoother than others as one pair took an epic tumble to the floor.

Sitting top of the leaderboard tonight in episode 9 is Shavaughan Ruakere with 25 points. In second place is Jess Quinn on 24 and Chris Harris is third with 23 points.

Can't see the video? Watch it here.


Judges Rachel Winter, Julz Tocker and Camilla Sacre-Dallerup scored the six contestants and their dance partners as follows:

• Shavaughan Ruakere, 25 points
• Jess Quinn, 24 points
• Chris Harris, 23 points
• Marama Fox, 22 points
• Roger Farrelly, 19 points
• David Seymour, 15 points

Tonight's dancers:

Roger Farrelly

Rocking Roger danced the quickstep to Black Betty and almost made it to the end of the routine, but slipped and fell with his dance partner Carol-Ann.

He admitted he struggled during training because found the moves "too fast" and has been suffering from a cold this week.

Fans were encouraging of his performance even though he suffered the first fall of the Dancing with the Stars season.

"I actually thought the fall was part of your routine. There were times you were a bit of a cowboy but you are the twinkle toes of the competition," said Rachel.

"I don't know where to start, I wasn't sure if it was a quickstep or a 3km run," said Julz.

David Seymour

The first dancer was David Seymour, dressed in a dapper striped suit complete with a boater hat.

Fans on social media enjoyed his efforts with the cha-cha, even though he still looked

"Today was like swimming uphill. I mean I kind of enjoy your performances, but for all the wrong reasons," said judge Camilla.

"At least you are having fun, so thank you," said Julz.

"You show any accountant or engineer kind of guy that you can dance and have fun," said Rachel.

Shavaughn Ruakere

Shavaughan hit the dance floor in a fun red flapper-style frock and cropped black bob to dance the Charleston to a Basement Jaxx song.

Fans loved her dance and her special move 'The Shav.'

"Yes yes yes, bang, bang, bang! Roxy Heart move over, Shavrique is in town," said Judge Julz.

"Technically speaking and I want you to point your feet more and work on your shoulder line," said Rachel.

"I thought I was watching two professionals just dance," said Camilla.

Marama Fox

Fox danced in a stunning red lace dress she helped make with the show's seamstress.

Fans enjoyed her performance.

"From one bootylicious girl to another, that was a cheeky foxtrot... but tonight, there was some bumpy moments," said Rachel.

"There definitely there was more fox, than trot in that foxtrot. For me, I think you were pretty smooth but your left side gets pretty droopy," said Julz.

Chris Harris

Harris danced the Argentine tango in a bright pink shirt.

Fans enjoyed his saucy performance but they thought the singer on his track sounded like the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

"I feel a little flustered, what you did just now has got be heated up. It was dramatic and strong," said Camilla.

"Being a professional sportsman, you take direction really well," said Julz.

"You dominated the cricket pitch and you have dominated the Argentine tango. I love seeing you this hot-blooded and dramatic, I am totally impressed," said Rachel.

Jess Quinn

Jess and Jonny danced a dramatic foxtrot to a Lana Del Rey song.

Fans were enamoured with her dark Gatsby-styled garment and performance.

"It was absolutely breathtaking. Your body connection we lost it, but your top line and head position was beautiful," said Julz

"I know now that every week I can count on you to bring a great performance, you are the most consistent contestant in this competition," said Rachel.

"It was understated, elegant and looked expensive. It was beautiful performance," said Camilla.

Watch the dance floor drama unfold again tomorrow night on Three from 7.30pm to see who gets eliminated from the competition this week.

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