Residents of Hobsonville Point have been given a letter informing them of "up and coming" filming associated with The Block NZ in their suburb.

The letter, a copy of which was supplied to the Herald, also invites recipients of the letter to a meeting on Thursday night at which representatives from Warner Bros, Mediaworks and Auckland Council will be available for questioning.

"We would like to advise you of up-and-coming building and filming activity in your area associated with the television show The Block NZ," the letter reads.

"We consider it a privilege to work in your community and will do everything possible to ensure that we cause minimal disruption to your daily lives.



"We look forward to getting to know you over the course of the project, and hope to see you on Thursday."

The chair for the board of trustees at local Hobsonville Point Primary School, Meredith Kennett, didn't consider the project to be a huge concern to the community.

Nor did she think it would come as a huge surprise.

"People have been chatting about it on the Hobsonville Community Facebook page for months now," Kennett said.

Kennett said the area was growing rapidly so already saw a fair amount of traffic and a moderate level of noise from nearby construction sites.

"I wouldn't think that construction noise would be a huge concern as the school is pretty soundproof, anyway."

"I'm sure the kids will be interested," Kennett added.


A spokesperson for Mediaworks told the Herald: "The location for The Block NZ 2018 is still under wraps and will be announced closer to the air date."

Earlier this month, it was rumoured that a new development at Hobsonville Point would be the set of a future season of the reality show.

The site is rumoured to be a block of four townhouses in Frances Byers Rd, which are under construction.

The property at Hobsonville Point. Photo / Michael Craig
The property at Hobsonville Point. Photo / Michael Craig

A Hobsonville resident told the Herald on Sunday work on the site had stopped about three weeks before.

Production company Warner Bros already owns the former Kingsland Station House, which has previously been rumoured to be the location for the seventh series.

The company paid $2,760,000 last year for the 18-room property, which had been used as a boarding house before it was closed due to methamphetamine contamination.

The Block NZ has previously been filmed in Takapuna, Belmont, Point Chevalier, Sandringham/Three Kings and Meadowbank.

The last season, which took place in Northcote, saw winners Andy Murdie and Nate Ross take home a mere $30,000 profit after their $1,250,000 sale.