When aliens are attacking the earth, what is your first line of defence?

If you were thinking adorable animals, then you could be on to something. Who else will stop humans from being abducted, right?

At least, that's how it works in the cutesy and chaotic PlayStation VR game Animal Force.

With the visual feel of wacky games like Frantic and Overcooked, Animal Force will quickly have you giggling and flailing your arms as you catch stars and attempt to stop space invaders from reaching Earth.


In campaign mode you travel around a cartoon 3D world, fighting aliens and earning a star rating for each level. The more levels you complete, the more animals you unlock, while stars let you upgrade your animals' talents.

This fast-paced tower defence style-game lets you strategically place pandas, rhinos, birds and more in key spots to combat flying UFOs. Playing with the PS Move controller you can stack them up and get them close so they can make their attacks.

A scene from the cute, chaotic VR game Animal Force.
A scene from the cute, chaotic VR game Animal Force.

There are also three multiplayer modes where non-VR players can join in on the fun. Getting to play with your pals is a good little addition, but unfortunately isn't nearly as strong as the main game.

For what it is, Animal Force is surprisingly tricky and satisfyingly fun.

Animal Force

Platform: PlayStation VR
Rating: G
Release Date: May 23
Verdict: Giggling, flailing, strategic fun.