James Blunt has perfectly shut down a Twitter troll who asked him how he managed to score a coveted invite to the royal wedding.

Many royals fans took to Twitter to vent their confusion over why the singer was at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's big event.

Blunt, who is known for his witty and self-deprecating humour on social media, gave a short, simple response to one user that shut down all the rest in one go.

In a now deleted tweet, one user wrote: "Who invited James Blunt to the royal wedding?"


Blunt's response was simple: "I'll give you two guesses."

Blunt is a friend of Prince Harry's after the pair served in the army together, he was also personally invited by the Prince to attend the Invictus Games.

Blunt attended the fairytale event with his wife Sofia Wellesley, who he married in 2014.