Whether you know her from Radio Hauraki or 7 Days, or you have just seen her on stage before, you'll be hard pressed to find a fan of New Zealand comedy that isn't a fan of Melanie Bracewell. She has been the rising star of New Zealand comedy long enough now to make the term "rising" redundant. She IS a fully-fledged star, and judging by just how good her new show "Melodrama" is, that star is only going to get brighter.

The 2018 Billy T nominee is on fine form in her new show, packed with laugh-out-loud moments galore and endearing storytelling, delivered by a comedian fully in control of her craft and her audience. And the audience I was in adored every minute.

The 2018 Billy T award nominee started strong and had the crowd on her side from the moment she opened her mouth. Before long we were already into Melanie's life, from gentle digs about similarities to the life a certain Kiwi pop princess, to Twitter conversations with celebrities and the joys of visiting a doctor who recognises her from the telly.

At only 22, Melanie is a master of the stage already. She looks young but has an old head on her shoulders, relating to everyone in the crowd with a ease. Each story is finely crafted and her near perfect call backs to earlier moments is one of the true highlights of the show. We also had the added bonus of some of her family being there, making for some delightful embarrassment during the more "adult themed" part of the show.


The best comedy shows always feel like they ended too soon with the crowd genuinely wanting more. This show was over early with the crowd wanting a whole lot more. And more we will get. One day. The accolades are just beginning.

Who: Melanie Bracewell
What: Melodrama
When: May 16-19, 8:30pm
Where: Basement Theatre