Redditers ponder what love is ...

1. "Two people who are a little bit deluded in each other's favour" - from TVs That Mitchell and Webb Look.

2. "My wife and I have been married almost 7 years and each of us still thinks we are getting the better deal."

3. Having a best friend but you get to touch each other's bodies a lot more.

4. Perpetually having that feeling of seeing your food coming at a restaurant.


5. Pretty sure it's when you have zero points in tennis.

News nostalgia No 1

Back in 2015 hundreds of 16th Century coin clippings were discovered in a Gloucestershire field. The 500 silver clippings, dubbed the Toenail Hoard, were unearthed by Gavin Warren using a metal detector in the Forest of Dean. Shaved from the edges of coins dating back to 1560, the precious metal would have been melted down and sold. Adams, from the Portable Antiquities Scheme, said the hoard, currently being catalogued at the British Museum, was not only "one of the biggest" but a "fantastic bit of social history". The earliest clippings date from the reign of Elizabeth I, so 1560s to 1570s, and the latest from 1645," he said. (Via BBC)

Kindness of Strangers

Keith Bracey. Photo / Supplied
Keith Bracey. Photo / Supplied

"Back in the late 60s when I was 8 I met Keith Bracey at a dairy in Orewa," writes Vicky. "I approached him and asked if he would come to our school in Blockhouse bay and give a talk about life as a TV celebrity. Not only did he turn up to a school hall full of kids and their questions . . . he hung around for afternoon tea. Never forgot that. Wonderful man."

Stay awake ...

Garry writes: "Your correspondent is exactly wrong about IR3 form being available online. The forms are available up to 2017, IR3A for agents are available for 2018, IR3NR for non residents are available for 2018, but a plain IR3 for 2018 for the rest of us is not there. Maybe they calculated they owe us more than we owe them?"

Truth in advertising

Truth in advertising.
Truth in advertising.

Video pick

This is the final lap of an 800 meter race at the IUAA Indoor Championships last year. The front runner falls victim to a flexible pole vault crossbar as he approaches the finish line…

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