Former guitarist and songwriter for Kiwi rock band the Exponents David Barraclough has died after a short battle with pancreatic cancer.

Jordan Luck, former lead singer and songwriter for the band said Barraclough was diagnosed with the illness a month ago and "went quickly".

Luck said there was no pain or suffering and when the pair last spoke Barraclough was "more cheerful than his normal happy self".

He was only despondent about his beloved football team Crystal Palace's woeful season, he said.


Luck remembered Barraclough as an "exceptionally gifted guitarist" and "an exceedingly excellent touring companion".

He said Barraclough went with "such velocity" that he didn't get a chance to write a piece to say goodbye.

"He would have. He'd've written of his love and admiration of his children, Justin and Nicole."

Luck said he would have also mentioned his post-Exponents career in Australian band Mental As Anything.

"He'd have let you know he has a ripping new album available, Duckshit."

Luck said there would be no funeral proceedings, as "David has just gone out to buy some strings".

Barraclough joined the Exponents in 1994. The Queensland-born guitarist was most famous for writing songs La La Lulu and Shouldn't Be Allowed.