April Fools is a treacherous time to be on live TV, as two breakfast hosts found out the hard way when they fell for a prank live on air.

BBC Breakfast's Roger Johnson and Babita Sharma were chatting about an article published in the Observer about the launch of Brexit emojis.

The story claimed an Italian tech firm were "cashing in" on political divides by launching a "Brexit Bulldog" emoji and a "Starry Blue" one for Remain voters.

However, Johnson caught on to the joke and revealed their mistake not even ten minutes later.


He asked his co-host: "How are your foreign languages?" And Sharma jokingly replied: "Good, brilliant".

It was then that Johnson revealed the article had been written by someone called "Scherzo Primavera" - which translates from Italian as "joke of spring".

Mortified, Sharma cried: "How did we not get that earlier?" While Johnson just gave the Observer a deserved "well done".