Reality TV used to be one of those things that people pretended they didn't watch.

But in one season, Married at First Sight (MAFS) has changed that. The premise - 11 couples are matched by "experts" and get "married".

The first time they see each other is at the altar.

From what viewers can gather, the couples are matched due to their incompatibility, as none are together anymore.


Once matched, they are forced to live in each other's pockets for more than a month, and brought together occasionally to a) get drunk and fight, before b) they sober up and decide if they want to stay together.

Here are some of the more memorable MAFS characters. Sorry, couples.

Sarah and Telv

Sarah was a curvy beauty, with some genuine tragedy in her past involving abandonment, and the loss of twins through a miscarriage.

As for Telv, other contestants had their brows mopped as they sweated under TV lights. Telv had to have the dribble wiped from his grinning moosh the first time he laid eyes on Sarah.

He was besotted, until eventually his inability to work out what he had done wrong, and Sarah's inability to accept that Telv was not psychic eroded their relationship to the point they are no longer together.

Dean and Tracey

Tracey felt a spark the minute she met Dean, it was the static electricity from his undies.

At one point, Dean, forgetting that the show was "Married" at first sight, tried to hook up with another wife, Davina. (Her given name is Davina but by the end of the series she had been called all sorts of names).

Dean's ongoing attempts at justifying his actions, and there were several "actions" he was guilty of, have led to a new career as a drain layer - although he needs supervision as he has no idea when to stop digging.


Tracey dumped Dean. But she kept sexting him pictures of herself in her undies, after she hooked up with Sean - another husband and, as Davina pointed out, part-time Ellen DeGeneres impersonator.

Funnily enough, old Deano took blow after blow throughout the series for his behaviour.

But no one seemed to ask any questions about the morality of Tracey dumping him and then sending him raunchy photos, all the while telling Sean that Dean was harassing her sending raunchy photos.

Davina and Ryan

Davina was so awful to Ryan, he now has multiple offers of dates from women throughout Australasia, who see him as "lovely" and Davina as a, well, it rhymes with witch.

Davina decided early on that she was not into Ryan, although she did sleep with him to see if that helped.

Davina was prone to horrible, narcissistic behaviour and became confused when people pointed this out. "I am confused, why are you saying these things to me."

At least she was straight up, telling Tracey "I don't know you, I don't care" when asked to justify hitting on Dean.

Tracey and Davina must have come to blows at some point, they both have swollen, unnatural looking lips.

Troy and Ashley

Troy quickly identified himself as the idiot in the MAFS village, but became a series favourite for his sweet, endearing dickheadedness.

His shucks guffaw and constant pawing of his unimpressed wife Ashley was hilarious.

But nothing stopped the room like the dinner party that Troy arrived at with Carly, the "little sister" of one of the other husbands.

Ashley had multiple opportunities to leave Troy but kept waiting for something to happen.

We wondered if the "something" was an amnesia attack, which also rendered her void of any common sense, that would lead to her accepting Troy as her husband.

Justin and Carly

Justin was a millionaire, who went shopping for lingerie for Carly, but tried on some man lingerie of his own, and texted a pic of him in his "mangerie" to Carly.

Carly wondered if Justin was really into her, thousands of viewers wondered if Justin was in the right show.

Justin eventually admitted during a boys night, that Carly was like a little sister to him.

Eww. But he stayed in the show, maybe hoping for the same "something" that Ashley was waiting for.

Melissa and John

John's been on MAFS before, when he was paired with a former model who complained to the producers that she had asked for a brown island man - not a white Aussie with a funny laugh (second only to Troy's guffaw) who smelled of cigarette smoke.

John was sweet though and he and Melissa seemed to hit it off.

Although it always seemed like the relationship was in the friend zone. They left the show together, but now it's over. They were MAFS nicest couple and drank a lot of wine.

Gabrielle and Nasser

At one stage, Nasser piped up and told Davina to grow up, that life wasn't all #davina and #coconutoil

It would have had even more gravitas if Nass wasn't single at 50, had never lived with a woman, didn't refer to himself in the third person, and had not refused to stay with Gabrielle in a flat because he thought the bed moved by itself and the place had "bad vibes".

None of these "married" couples are together anymore. Yet the latest MAFS series was the most successful in its Australasian history.