Customer is not always right

"I worked as a lifeguard at a public pool last summer. We had a strict 'No water-wings' policy. Those are death traps. So this woman is putting water wings on her kid next to the pool, and I politely inform her that we do not allow water-wings, and have life vests available for free literally 5 feet from where she's standing. She becomes so infuriated that I would 'dare to dictate how she treats her child' and tons of other stuff. So I call my supervisor over, and as he arrives and is speaking to her, the kid jumps in the pool ... Water-wings slip up his arms, and he's suspended underwater. Jump in and pull him out. Woman is furious that I would 'have the nerve to touch her child. How dare I!'"

Questionable weight loss method


Sauna suits were a 70s weight loss craze and were used during workouts, with the idea that they would promote more sweat and increased weight loss. In reality, you'd be losing water, which means you'd be dehydrated and not actually any thinner. Inflatable sauna pants took this notion one step further. These balloon-like garments came with the claim that they could shave nine inches off of your waist, just from being worn daily.

2. Horace Fletcher was a dieting enthusiast around 1900 and he believed the best way to lose weight was to chew food a lot. This led to him being nicknamed "The Great Masticator". The concept of this technique is, instead of eating, you just chew your food, enjoy the taste, and then spit the food back out again. Besides the ick factor, this means that you're not actually getting any food into your system, so you don't gain any weight. Of course, no food also means no nutrients, which means your various systems don't get what they need in order to run properly.


Cars in bus lane quite a little earner

In response to the reader who sent the photo in with all the cars in the bus lane, Kerry writes: "You might be able to get away with it along Sandringham Rd but try doing that in the T3 lane in Pah/Manukau Rds, Epsom. From what I see, there are cameras morning and night and gee, it must be lucrative at $150 a pop every time a car with 1-2 people goes past in the T3 Lane!"