Best dog stories ...

"I was walking my old dog Blue back from the shops," writes a reader. "He'd had a lifetime of road smarts, enough so he didn't need a lead. He dutifully trotted alongside me, stopping if I stopped and keeping pace ... when all of a sudden he darted into a hedgerow. His front half was fossicking madly in the hedge for about 10 seconds, me wondering what on earth was he doing. Then to my utter astonishment he appeared with a freshly roasted leg of lamb in his gob - the roast was still warm from the oven. The only thing I can think, given the leg of lamb was retrieved from within the hedge, was that dinner had become a missile in a domestic disagreement. Off he trotted home with the best dinner of his life."

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Overpriced food left to rot

"I can't stand the waste when vege prices are sky high," writes a reader. "I see a bin load of avocados for $4.99 each at the supermarket and then over the next few days they go from just about ripe to brown and rotten because no one is buying them at that price. What an incredible waste of food because the supermarket can't see when to cut and run and sell them cheaper, even at cost, just so the food isn't thrown out. I find that appalling."


Truth hurts

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