Kardashian seizes the day

Kim Kardashian saw an opportunity out of last week's International Women's Day when she launched a series of "feminist" KIMOJI. For just $2.99, you lucky people can download Kim-based emoji and GIFs of what she's famous for - her bosom and booty, peaches and pizzas, and lipsticks and hairdryers - along with a range of annoying stickers with girl-power slogans that include Slay In Your Lane, Grab America Back, and The Future Is Nasty. Many celebrities followed Kardashian, who first launched her Kimoji in 2015, with their own branded emoji: Justmoji (Justin Bieber), Kevmoji (Kevin Hart), Heidimoji (Heidi Klum), Gagamoji (Lady Gaga), and the slightly less elegant Sheenoji (Charlie Sheen).

Wheels need to turn on law

Brian McDonnell perhaps unwittingly highlights the absurdity of the law regarding cycling on footpaths. The road code says that bikes less than 355mm (14 inches) cannot be ridden on the footpath (unless newspapers are being delivered). By age 5 to 7 years, kids will usually be tall enough to ride a 16-inch bike. Therefore they must ride on the road. Because that is safer than the footpath? This law needs to be updated to reflect the reality of modern cycling and road usage.

Did Specsavers see census opportunity?

"Is NZ Census sponsored by Specsavers?" wonders Mike. "What other explanation can there be as to why the NZ Census asks "Whether you can see properly, with or without glasses". If you can't see properly without glasses, then you need glasses. If you can't see properly when wearing your glasses, then you need new glasses. I imagine Specsavers would be very grateful for this statistic."

Jacinda in Labour