You'll have to grab all the iPads and cellphones you can find if you want to play Frantics properly.

That's because the cute and quirky puzzler aimed at all the family is part of PlayStation's PlayLink platform, a series which requires you to interact with games using an app.

Unlike other titles in the PlayLink series, like the definitely adults-only Hidden Agenda, Frantics is aimed very much at the kids.

If you've got kids, and they don't yet have their own phone, that might mean borrowing a few devices and downloading the apps so they can log in and get going. Three is good, four is ideal.


Once they do, you'll find Frantics to be a simple party game full of variation, cute characters, quickfire rounds that are very easy to get to grips with.

Hosted by a fox, most require you to simply tilt your device, and occasionally stab at buttons to race trikes, sky dive, battle over snow, smash boards and generally cause mayhem with your opponents.

Not everything works as it should: if you need a computer-generated character to make up the numbers, they seem to be way too good and often win most rounds, and I still haven't worked out how to throw away dynamite sticks before they blow me up.

But my kids had a good giggle every single time, and that seems to be the point of Frantics. Job done, then.


Platform: Playstation
Rating: G
Verdict: Cute, cuddly and strictly for the kids