MediaScrap is back for a new season and despite their best efforts to recruit a new host – including auditioning Toni Street and Matty McLean – somehow Vaughan Smith convinced producers to keep him on.

This week, the team kick things off with a lesson in sentence structure after picking up on an unfortunate turn of phrase by an old Fair Go journalist.

Reminiscing about his time on the show, Philip Alpers recalled how Paul Holmes once gave him a tie "with sperm all the way through it". Indeed.

Next up, Vaughan struggles to understand how Seven Sharp cleared a story with the intro: "Have you heard the one about the fat, black, bald woman?"


And of course, he couldn't go past 1 News' reporter Sam Clarke's unfortunate A-bomb, which played out live on air when he thought his live cross was over.

Check out all the toe-curling awkwardness in this week's MediaScrap.