Nutella is a popular bread spread, but a photograph (which has been doing the rounds for a year or so) is putting people off all over again. According to the Mirror someone has decided to deconstruct the ingredients of the chocolate spread, refilling the pot with its ingredients. It claims to be all in proportion, which is why some people have been utterly shocked by the amount of sugar in it which, in the photograph, looks to be about a third. The official website lists the sugar content as 56.8g per 100g serving, or 56.8 per cent, saying "The labelling on all our products enables consumers to make informed choices and helps ensure that Nutella can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet." The image, posted to social network Reddit, was "upvoted" over 28,000 times.

Lesser known pirate facts

1. Same-sex marriage is nothing new to pirates. Pirates spent long periods of time on ships surrounded by other men so it's no surprise that some shared intimate relationships. In pirate society, two men could join into what they called a "matelotage" and share all their plunder, even receiving death benefits if one died before the other. Pirate mates would live together and even exchange gold rings.

2. The cannons on a pirate ship made a loud blast and were known to deafen ... but the pirates would hang lumps of wax from their earrings to stuff into their ears when firing cannons.

3. The most terrifying pirate in the world built his reputation on hemp. Before capturing any ship he'd weave hemp into his long dark beard and under his captain hat. He then lit the hemp on fire, smoke billowed out from his face and made his opponents fear for their lives.



A reader writes:
A reader writes: "I spotted this at a restaurant in Warkworth in the weekend. The bucket is collecting rain water coming through a leak in the roof (and subsequent patch). The writing says 'Bugger. To be fixed, after fishing'. Hopefully it doesn't rain so hard that the bucket fills up before the fish are filleted."