That takes the cake

What's the biggest stuff-up you ever made but then managed to cover your tracks?

"I made a cake for work, and accidentally swapped sugar for salt. As I was prepping it in the staff lounge, I cut myself a small bite, and tasted it, it was horrible! People were already arriving for lunch, and being known as someone who bakes amazing cakes, people were excited to have a slice. Not knowing what to do, I picked up the cake, and using all of my acting abilities, 'stumbled' and dropped it on the floor leaving a huge cake mess, but saving my reputation! Best part was that the boss felt so bad for me (and perhaps disappointed at not getting any cake) that he told me to head down to the local bakery and pick up a cake." (via

Passport easy — if you're a man

Did you know many women in the 1920s couldn't have their own name printed on a passport? Requesting a passport in the 1920s was a pretty straightforward process — if you were a man. For female travellers, passport applications could be rejected based on the name they used or because their husband was already issued a passport. Unmarried women could apply using their maiden name, but married women were issued a joint passport with their husbands, where in place of their name, the passport granted travel privileges to "wife of" (followed by the husband's name). Married women who requested separate passports could receive them, but were often met with rejections or headaches if trying to use their maiden name, since passports were automatically issued with their husband's surname. (Via Mental Floss)

Leotards for dogs

The patent pending on the ambiguously named Shed Defender which is intended to be worn to prevent your dog shedding hair. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, has a four-way stretch so your dog can move freely but it is still ridiculous. What happens when the dog needs to ... Yes, you have to take the thing off.

"Which celebrity BBQ do you have Penelope?" "I'd have a Gault over a Jamie Oliver any day, Jocelyn." Photo / Supplied

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