Don't leave it too late

A reader shares a letter from her adult son. She thought he said some wonderful things, and she was glad he didn't wait for her funeral to express these sentiments. It reads: "Mum, while working at school this week I was reflecting (on my own as all teachers and students have gone and am just tidying up). I have seen many different students this year (and in other years). As I am getting older I realise how much you and Dad did for me. So thanks Mum and Dad for giving me your good genetics, my memory storage ability, for taking me to school, for not being on your mobile device all the time, for helping me write letters for jobs, for reading to me, for talking to me, for helping me to be able to think critically, for instilling a sense of justice and giving me a good moral compass, for leaving me quite free to make mistakes and do what I wanted. For instilling a work ethic that has allowed me to succeed."

As a Kiwi living in Kansas, Jo takes any Antipodean friends where she can find them.
As a Kiwi living in Kansas, Jo takes any Antipodean friends where she can find them. "Which is how I found myself serving Christmas dinner to two Australians. I thought it was important to make a strong statement about the origins of the humble pav."

That's service

Rhiannon Herrick of Helensville is going overseas next year so decided to get a passport application in:

Tuesday midday: Submit online application.

Tuesday 12.34: Receive email confirmation of submission.


Tuesday 5.28: Receive email saying passport has been completed.

Thursday 11.30: Receive passport from courier.

Amazing service in the week before Christmas!

All bases covered (Via Bad Newspaper).
All bases covered (Via Bad Newspaper).