There's a lot of cool new shows, movies and old faves hitting the streams this month so here's our top TV picks to switch on once you're home from the beach.



Get into the festive spirit with Will Ferrell's Christmas comedy classic about a man raised as one of Santa's elves. It's just been added but we'd advise waiting as it's really the perfect after-Christmas-dinner viewing, when you're stuffed full, feeling a bit merry and ready to ho ho ho.

Just in time for the holidays comes this ultra-creepy doco about a hotel owner who spied on his guests for decades. Maybe watch it after you get back from your holiday accommodation... Streaming now.

Judd Apatow: The Return
He's responsible for some of the biggest comedies of the decade, such as Bridesmaids, Superbad, Trainwreck and Knocked Up. So we're expecting big lols from his first comedy special in forever. Available next Tuesday.


Future Man


This sci-fi spoof is about an everyman gamer who, after beating a video game, gets recruited and sent through time to save humanity. Seth Rogen and his writing partner, Evan Goldberg, are behind the series and, boy, does it look great. Screening from December 20.

Season 5 of the popular Game of Thrones alternative has just beached, kicking off with a brutal two-hour first episode. If you found GoT's magic and dragons too ridiculous, then try this. Produced by the History Channel, the show is historically legit, has kick-ass female characters and is epically bloodthirsty. Available now, with weekly episodes landing.

Best Bars in America
If you're visiting Trump's America anytime soon then you're going to definitely need a drink. In this show, comedians Jay Larson and Sean Patton go on a bar crawl across the country to show you all the best places to get a beer.


Beauty and the Beast

Emma Watson's brilliantly realised live-action remake of Disney's

Beauty and the Beast

enchanted moviegoers earlier this year, going on to become one of the biggest films of 2017. A cinematic event, it makes for a suitably grand Christmas present when it arrives on Neon on Christmas Day.

Marvel's Runaways
It's been described as "The O.C. with superpowers", which is fairly accurate. This show about a band of teens who realise their parents are actually villains, not superheroes, is snappy and a lot of fun. Weekly episodes touching down now.

Pork Pie
The remake of Kiwi classic Goodbye Pork Pie zooms on to Neon from December 18. With Dean O'Gorman and James Rolleston behind the wheel of the iconic Mini there's plenty of easy laughs in this rollicking road trip that covers the length of the country.

TVNZ OnDemand


If no one told you life was going to be this way, if your job's a joke, you're broke and your love life's DOA, then don't worry, TVNZ is there for you. Yep, after being on a break they've finally reunited the Friends and have all 10 seasons available for streaming right now. Could there BE any bigger streaming news?

The Driver
You can count on the BBC for a grittily realistic crime drama and that's what The Driver delivers. This three-part mini-series is all about a disillusioned cabbie who turns to a life of crime. The Guardian described it as "bitterly realistic", so if you're bah humbug about all the Christmas shows, well, here you go. Weekly episodes incoming now.

Baby Mama's Club
After four women discover they're all baby mamas to the same boyfriend - yikes - they set off to confront him. Problem: he's stolen a wad of cash from a dodgy club owner and hoofed it. This local comedy web series shows just how far the scorned women will go to get their man and some justice. Spoiler alert: Very far. Streaming now.