Married at First Sight groom Haydn Daniels is quitting social media after his "nightmare" experience on the reality TV show.

Daniels, who exited the experiment after his marriage to former Bachelorette Bel Clarke turned to disaster, bid farewell to his 14,000 Instagram followers on the social media platform today.

"This will be my last social media post for a while.

"The whole MAFS experience has been a nightmare for not only myself but many of the cast. I made the choice to go on the show with an open heart and the best of intentions and feel I have been right royally screwed over," the post read.


The primary school teacher and wrestler went on to say he was feeling depressed and needed to surround himself with people who care about him, before thanking the public for their support.

"Thank you again to the general public you have been so friendly and supportive of me. Peace out. Talk soon."

The post attracted almost 100 comments including from fellow MAFS contestant Ben Blackwell.

"Chin up man, hit me up whenever," Blackwell wrote.

Others praised Daniels for being open and honest, while expressing their sympathy for his predicament.

The move comes just days after Daniels revealed he and his fellow cast mates were paid $60 per day to appear on the show, saying he lost "thousands of dollars" in the process.

Daniels posted an image to Instagram earlier this week, showing a legal bill for more than $3,200, after he and his mother sought legal advice on getting his marriage annulled.

In a statement this week, MediaWorks said it had been clear from the outset what was involved in signing on to the production.

"It was made very clear to all MAFS NZ participants what they could expect from taking part in the production. Including having to put their jobs on hold to partake in the experiment and agreeing to and understanding the laws of marriage, which state that a dissolution can only happen after a two-year separation.


"It was entirely Haydn's choice to take time off work to be part of the experiment and subsequently to seek legal advice around an annulment."

In an interview with The Hits this week Daniels said his experience on the show was "10 times worse" than he could've imagined.

"I was just emotionally drained. I was sleeping in until 10 in the morning, I was exhausted," he told hosts Stace and Flynny.

While he said he did not regret going on the show, Daniels admitted he probably wouldn't go back on the show knowing what he now knows.

Daniels' and Clarke's relationship has been the bane of the MediaWorks' PR team since before the show started, when word leaked that the match had not worked out at all well.

During the series, in real time, both he and Clarke posted messages to social media, telling folks that things were not good, with both having to delete the posts and carry on.

Last weekend he got called out by MediaWorks PR for not asking permission to talk to the Herald on Sunday, re him and fellow contestant Luke Cederman's decision to sell their wedding rings to raise money for KidsCan.

"That was it for me, I have had three months of being controlled and manipulated and enough was enough," he told Spy.