Three months after they first met - and married - Brett and Angel from Married at First Sight are as smitten as ever and looking forward to settling into a life without cameras following them around.

The couple has not been allowed to be seen together since filming ended six weeks ago until last night's final commitment ceremony screened.

"It's just a massive weight off our shoulders that we can go out together, have photos together and do stuff together," says Brett.

Brett and Angel never stopped laughing from the moment they met.
Brett and Angel never stopped laughing from the moment they met.

Now, Angel is gearing up to move to Lincoln - Brett's hometown - in time for Christmas where the pair will be living in "the perfect family home".


Last night's ceremony saw the couple commit to staying married - the only one of the original six pairs who did.

For them, there was never any question they would stay together.

"There is no doubt," says Angel. "We were both in it to meet the person."

In fact, they never considered the experiment might fail.

Brett and Angel were instantly comfortable with one another.
Brett and Angel were instantly comfortable with one another.

"We both agree that we didn't really assess the risk factor," laughs Angel. "We both went into it being 'this is it, this is the one'. We never, ever thought that it could possibly go wrong. But I also think that's why it went so right for us."

The same cannot be said for their fellow couples, who frequently struggled with the experiment, leading to some explosive moments.

None more so than the infamous dinner party, which saw Bel and Haydn finally end their marriage.

"One thing that people won't know is that Angel was whacking me under the table... They were just acting like kids," says Brett, whose patience was tested by the petty drama.


"It definitely felt quite toxic," says Angel. "The atmosphere was very tense. It was the worst dinner party of my life."

Angel says the dinner party was
Angel says the dinner party was "toxic" to be at.

As for any involvement from the producers, the couple is adamant: Everything was real. And everyone came across exactly as they are.

"It was the realest thing that I've ever done. It was all real. Everything that you watched happened," says Brett.

Since filming wrapped, the couple's life together has been on hold until the series finished screening. Now, they're preparing to move in together and already eyeing up their first family member - a French bulldog.

"We're definitely going to get a dog... Dog before kids. Do it the proper way."