Marital bliss they did not bring - but almost 200 kids' raincoats or pairs of shoes, they might.

Married at First Sight New Zealand's Haydn Daniels and Luke Cederman are auctioning their wedding rings for charity.

The Angela Daniel rings, valued at $1400 each, will be listed on Trade Me today. The winner will also be invited to lunch with the men, with all proceeds from the auction going to KidsCan.

Daniels, whose arranged reality TV marriage to fellow contestant Bel Clarke ended after a fractious dinner party, told the Herald on Sunday the pair were pleased kids would benefit from something they no longer wanted.


Cederman is also separated from his reality show wife, Lacey Swanepoel.

"We were like 'we've got these rings we haven't worn much, what are you going to do?'," Daniels said.

"We didn't really want them. One, I don't wear rings. Two, it's kind of symbolic of a shambles."

KidsCan chief executive Julie Chapman said they were grateful for Daniels and Cederman's generosity.

"We hope people will bid. Every cent will go to support kids in need."

The charity supports children at 700 decile one to four schools around the country, with a further 16 schools on a waiting list.

Thirty-thousand children are supported by their food programmes, with a meal costing $3.50 per child.

A total 135,000 raincoats, pairs of shoes, socks and feminine hygiene products are distributed each year.


If the rings sold for their combined value of $2800, the proceeds would allow KidsCan to buy 186 raincoats or pairs of shoes, Chapman said.

The unusual nature of the nuptials meant neither man was certain exactly what they were selling, but they would find out before the auction began, Daniels told the Herald on Sunday.

"They're either titanium or platinum. I'm not sure of the details because there's no box."

Ring buying isn't something you do when its not until the altar before you meet your bride for the first time, with TV cameras broadcasting your every move.

But the 31-year-old still hopes the rings appeal to someone, and benefit a good cause in doing so.

"I'm a [primary school] teacher; I want to do it for the kids."

He had not told Clarke of his plans, Daniels said.

"She's the only one [from the show] I don't talk to."

Despite the dramas onscreen, he had no regrets about taking part. Not having a go would have just left him wondering if he had missed the opportunity for lasting love.

"You never can know ... the Angel and Brett stuff is pretty awesome."

Instead, he's returned to teaching, picking up relieving jobs and signing autographs for some of his pupils. He's also had a lot of messages from people he doesn't know, but is happy to stay off the dating scene for a while.

"Most [of those messaging] are very nice but at the moment I want to keep a low profile. I will [date again] eventually. I feel a bit more relaxed about it after going through this experiment. I'd been putting pressure on myself, but I'm still only 31."

He did, however, return to the wedding aisle yesterday, giving away his mum at her own wedding south of Auckland, Daniels said.

It was a bit different from his own experience earlier this year.

"She knows the guy."