Married at First Sight NZ's Claire says her marriage was over before Dom sent the rogue text message that finally ended their nuptials.

The three-week marriage fell apart in Sunday night's show when it was revealed Dom had sent a text message about Claire to her by mistake.

Claire had finally joined Dom in their new apartment before promptly leaving again to "recuperate" from her recent illness and also attend a funeral, prompting Dom to send a frustrated text to a mate about his wife and how unhappy he was. Except the text went to

Claire said today that the text blunder was just another nail in the coffin of their marriage, rather than the reason for the break-up.


"It just clarified all the red flags about Dom," she told The AM Show on Monday.

"I forgave him, he said he was sorry. I won't forget, but I've forgiven him and we're still amicable."

Claire said she had tried to give the marriage a proper shot and if they had clicked she would've continued with the made-for-TV social experiment.

However she would not do this type of show again.

"[I wouldn't do it] just because you're out there in the public eye," she said.

"I mean, I knew that - I'm not stupid - but you just don't realise the emotional side of it. It's the emotional side of the show, where you're with this person 24/7."

Claire said she took the concept of marriage seriously (having previously being married for 24 years and having three children).

"I'm ready for a commitment so I can do the hard yards - I've done the hard yards.


"A lot of people think because I quit I can't do the hard yards - I can, Dom just wasn't the right person to do the hard yards with."