Chris Hemsworth got snappy when one of The Project's presenters gave a little too much away about the plot in his new film, Thor: Ragnarok.

Hemsworth was appearing alongside Thor co-star Mark Ruffalo this week when the conversation threatened to reveal some big spoilers about the film.

"I did need to ask. Obviously it's a star-studded cast, our very own, the gorgeous Cate Blanchett plays [SPOILERS]," said The Project's host Tommy Little began.

Little revealed something about Blanchett's character which was previously unknown and then spoke about a key plot point.


The rest of Little's question was drowned out as Hemsworth slapped his hands against the table.

"You can't say ... you can't give that away," he scolded the host.

"I didn't," said Little, who seemed taken aback.

Ruffalo made a joke in Pig Latin to try and smooth over the awkward moment, while Hemsworth asked: "It's not live? We can rewind?"

Thor fans commenting on the clip on YouTube have expressed displeasure at the inadvertent spoiler.

One commented, "I'm so mad right now," said one, while another commented, "At least we know who Lisa Wilkinson will be replacing".

The film which will be released later this week, has been labelled the best Thor movie of the series by critics.