The man who spent years driving Harvey Weinstein around has lifted the lid on the disgraced producer's antics, revealing the despicable things he used to do.

According to The Sun, driver Mickael Chemloul alleges Weinstein had sex with a woman in the back of his car as she begged: "Don't hurt me".

He then allegedly took the woman into a hotel room and had sex with her again while his pregnant wife slept in a nearby room.

"She was a good-looking girl, around 25 to 30, who had clearly had a few drinks. This was a fairly familiar sight for me, but even I was shocked when I heard her say, 'Don't hurt me' in the car.


"I turned and saw her with her head in his lap and him pulling her hair. I knew [Weinstein's wife] Georgina decided to stay in her room and miss the party because she was feeling tired. I said to Harvey, 'Are you sure?' He replied, 'Just drive to the f**king Cap'.

"When we arrived, Harvey got out with the girl and headed for another room. He was with her until 5am and left her there to go back to Georgina. The worst of it was that Georgina phoned me at 4.30 while I was trying to catch some sleep in the car and asked me where Harvey was.

"I was in an awkward spot. All I could think of was he had gone for a meeting with some business friends. I felt forced to lie.

"When Harvey finally turned up he looked in a right state, sweating like a pig with his shirt out. 'What did you tell my wife?' he blurted. To be honest, he sickened me."

The Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc from Chemloul's story is where Italian actress Asia Argento alleges Weinstein sexually assaulted her in 1997.

Chemloul, who drove for Weinstein from 2008-2013 says Weinstein's behaviour was so well known that he was known by locals in the south of France as "le pork" ("the pig").

He says the filmmaker kept an emergency stash of condoms and Viagra in the glovebox, as well as sweets to "give him the energy to carry on the way he did".

"Weinstein was a terrible man to work for. When he came to Cannes we all knew what to expect."

"It was so stressful working for him - I was taking him to parties and I know he was going to orgies as well but I had to keep quiet. Harvey gets so excited in the presence of women that he trembles, he shakes, it's as if he is having an orgasm.

"One day he was leaving a beach lunch on the Croisette in Cannes and he saw two attractive girls on the pavement go in. They looked like models or actresses. Harvey turned to me and said, 'Tell them who I am and that I am a film producer'.

"It is hard to believe but he was shaking. As he followed them in, he was gently groping them. A day without sex for Harvey is like a summer day without sun."

Chemloul quit driving for Weinstein after he allegedly attacked him in 2013 when two prostitutes failed to turn up. He says Weinstein was furious and hit him, leaving him with a broken finger, bruised ribs and facial injuries.