First she lost out on The Bachelor, and now Bel Clarke has been jilted again after her Married at First Sight husband "betrayed" her - for the second time.

Bel and Haydn are looking likely to call it quits after Vicky told Bel that Haydn had been messaging her on social media saying they should've been matched instead. However Haydn says Vicky messaged him first and orchestrated the whole thing to cause trouble between him and Bel.

Whether it's true or just high school drama escalating too far, Bel took the whole thing pretty hard, crying and saying, "Haydn has betrayed me, and I can't do it any more" and even Haydn said he didn't know how much longer he could keep going around in circles with his new wife.

It's obviously especially tough for Bel, who previously struggled with similar issues during her stint on The Bachelor NZ, on which she regularly had trouble with the idea of sharing the Bach with the other women.


It was also revealed that Bel already walked out on Haydn once when she found out he had been messaging one of her friends on social media after the wedding.

But Bel and Haydn weren't the only couple to call it quits.

Luke and Lacey continued to complain about each other while doing very little to actually fix anything.

Lacey was feeling betrayed after Luke's friends told her friends he was just there for fame, and Luke sat in a corner whinging about how misunderstood he was.

The best part was when Lacey totally over-reacted to Luke "raising his voice" and then told the cameras: "He can't even have a conversation with me in a relaxed environment".

Why is Luke not totally okay with pouring his heart out on camera? So selfish. Photo / Supplied
Why is Luke not totally okay with pouring his heart out on camera? So selfish. Photo / Supplied

In what world is a forced cocktail party with your new bride who you met a week ago, a bunch of strangers and a team of camera operators broadcasting your every move to the nation a "relaxed environment"?

Throw the guy a bone, mate.

That said, Luke tried to talk to Lacey approximately twice and then just sat around drowning his sorrows in beer saying "what else can I do? I'm just trying to be a good dude". A valiant effort.

But those two aren't even the most annoying part of MAFS - the "pretty committee" is. The group of mean girls (and guy) is made up of Lacey, Ben, Bel and Vicky and mostly they just sit around gossiping, judging, being nasty and rolling their eyes.

When Luke finally did try to talk to Lacey, she shot him down and the pretty committee immediately grouped together to talk about him behind his back, before taking it upon themselves to corner him in another room and give him a good grilling.

What's interesting is that Lacey has accused Luke of not being in it for the right reasons, yet she's the one who's joined the pretty committee which now has its own Instagram account complete with its own branding.

At any rate, the drama didn't end there; Dom ran around getting involved in everyone else's business and ignoring his terribly ill wife who got so sick she ended up in hospital.
Andrew spent the evening dishing out life advice like his own wife wasn't sitting a few feet away telling the others how much she doesn't like him.

And poor Aaron did everything in his power to make his sham marriage work, while his husband Ben sat around slagging him off and literally giving him the cold shoulder.

And why? Because he's not the usual "meat head" gym junkie Ben usually goes for, and Ben is superficial and childish - so much so that he spent their entire therapy session rolling his eyes, pulling faces and contributing nothing except lies about how he will try harder.

The only people actually enjoying MAFS are Brett and Angel who are so cute and loved up it almost makes up for the rest of it. They spent the whole cocktail party in each other's pockets, making googly eyes, holding hands and planning their Stranger Things marathon.

"He's number one and that's how it should be and that's why we're doing well," Angel explained happily.

She told the experts at therapy that she couldn't be happier and told the cameras: "I'm just gutted for the rest of New Zealand that I've got him now".

Pro dating tip, New Zealand: Find someone who looks at you the way Angel looks at Brett.
These two give me hope for the future.

Next week the couples are supposed to move in together. Bel and Haydn and Luke and Lacey look set to bow out, but everyone else seems on board to make a go of things.

But who really knows how it'll play out? At the rate we're going, we can probably expect to see someone learn to cook for the first time and someone take their washing home to mum.