Tensions were high on tonight's Married at First Sight, with Vicky and Andrew's honeymoon ending in tears and Ben admitting to Aaron that there's physical attraction missing in their relationship.

Things are moving relatively slowly on MAFS NZ, but the observations of love experts Dr Pani Farvid and Tony Jones (who I'm 99 per cent sure was the guidance counsellor at my high school) are woven in just often enough to keep things interesting.

Last night's (very long) episode checked in on the honeymoons of our couples - and not one pair managed to make it through without a few hiccups.

Angel and Brett seemed to be having a whale of a time in Adelaide. They make each other laugh a lot, and are full of praise for each other. "She's so awesome," Brett said.


But things became strangely tense towards the end after what had seemed like a picture-perfect honeymoon. Over dinner, Brett was suddenly full of doubt.

Despite a week of laughter and shared experiences, he told Angel - multiple times - to "give him a chance". Angel said she would, absolutely. Brett flat-out didn't listen, and told her again. That's a warning sign if I ever saw one. Use your taringa, Brett.

In Waiuku, things were pretty awkward for Ben and Aaron. Ben seemed to be doing his absolute best to try to ghost his own husband, as much as one can possibly do so while also in immediate proximity to him.

He was cagey, cold and unreceptive to Aaron's earnest attempts to talk. He was unimpressed when he learned Aaron once cheated on someone, but had no qualms telling Aaron that he essentially doesn't find him attractive.

It was rather painful to watch Aaron try so sincerely to engage with someone who resembled a child disappointed by the holiday his parents have shouted him.

But physical attraction can't be conjured out of nowhere - and Ben at least gave an indication that he may just need to get to know Aaron more.

Over on Waiheke Island, Vicky and Andrew's honeymoon became an emotional rollercoaster. Vicky was understandably emotional when she found out her sister went into labour.

Emotions overwhelmed Vicky on her honeymoon with Andrew. Photo / screenshot, Three
Emotions overwhelmed Vicky on her honeymoon with Andrew. Photo / screenshot, Three

Andrew called Vicky "cruel" after she didn't return his affections. He regretted that. Vicky burst into tears at dinner and had to leave. Andrew cried because Vicky cried. It was messy.

Tears this early into a relationship could be a warning sign - but perhaps a sign that each person is beginning to care about the other. Only time will tell which way it goes.