It's the new podcast everyone's talking about - and yes, it's a little bit dirty.

The podcast begins with what appears to be a pretty simple love story between interior designer Debra Newell and a man she meets online, John Michael Meehan.

Newell and Meehan, who claims to be an anesthesiologist, move in together, and then things start getting weird.

How weird? Well, that would be telling.


Dirty John, created by journalist Christopher Goffard, has hit No. 1 on the iTunes charts and received rave reviews since being released through the LA Times and Wondery.

Indiewire called it "another worthy addition to the ranks of true crime obsessions" while USA Today said it was "your next favorite true-crime podcast".

Mashable called it "a wild ride - and completely unmissable" while Pedestrian TV compared it to Serial, one of the most popular true crime podcasts of the last few years.

Twitter users have also been posting updates as the series unfolds.

* LIsten to all six episodes of Dirty John here.