Inbar Lavi plays a con woman in Imposters, TVNZ 2's new show about love and theft in the digital age. She talks to Chris Schulz.

Imposters is about to start screening in New Zealand after a hit run overseas. What can viewers expect from the show?

So much. You're going to get a wonderfully crafted show that has a little bit of everything. The best way to describe it is a dark comedy with a lot of suspense, a lot of romance, a lot of drama. There's action, a little bit of everything.

Maddie is a con woman with conflicted morals. What do you like about her?


I've always been drawn to any character I can't quite figure out. On the one hand, she has a desire to escape. On the other hand, I think she also desperately wants to connect. I could relate to it very much. I think we can all be a little bit conniving at our core and a little bit deceiving and flawed. I'm excited for our audience to see that that's okay - we're all trying to figure out who we really are.

When you meet fans, what do they say they like about the show?

Everyone relates to different parts. Some people relate more to Maddie's exes, who were deceived by this woman and are trying to put the pieces back together. Others relate to the rush, the danger that Maddie takes. She's always flying really close to the fire and a lot of people can relate to that rush, the desire to be someone else and look for another way to live their life. We don't take ourselves too seriously ... even though there are some dramatic moments, it's a light-hearted show.

On paper, it doesn't sound funny at all. We're dealing with a woman who steals people's hearts then rips them off. Where does the comedy come from?

It is kind of funny when you think about it. She cleans them out and that's ... kind of funny. In any dark situation, there's always something funny about it. That's just life. If we don't see it that way we're going to be really miserable. I got really lucky and got teamed up with a crew of incredible writers and co-stars who bring so much lightness and so many funny moments. That's when the comedy comes from. It's definitely not from me.

How did you feel watching all the positive reviews roll in after the first episode aired?

That was really special for me because I've worked on a lot of different projects. This particular baby was very dear and close to my heart. I feel like I've poured everything I have into it. I held off on signing on to other projects that I was offered because I was working on something really special. It was really wonderful to see everyone else felt the same way.

You're about to start filming the second season. Are they being secretive with the scripts?

I am freaking out. I have no clue what's coming. I'm super nervous. We're about to start filming in two weeks and they won't tell me anything. I hope I can deliver, that's all I can say.

Who and what: Inbar Lavi from Imposters
Where and when: Wednesday, 9.30pm, TVNZ 2; also available OnDemand