Hes got their number ... or not

So you woke me up at 1.30am, and the phone went off again a few minutes later, writes Steve on the Shore. So I turned my phone off. I googled Civil Defence and a dropdown box told me their phone number was a local Auckland number in Manukau City. I rang that and got the message that that number was not connected. Wow. Few points. 1. If you cant list an appropriate phone number on the internet then what chance will we have if something really dangerous happens? 2. Do you think that the number of people now turning their phones off at night will improve the effectiveness of any civil defence warning system? 3. When is the public flogging, Id like to attend.

Wedding cake with extra topping

Nearly 30 years ago we were hosting my sister and future brother-in-laws wedding reception, writes Sarah. We were living in One Tree Hill at the time. The morning of the event I discovered their many-tiered wedding cake swarming with ants. I was busy trying to blow them off with my hairdryer (on cool) when a guest arrived to deliver a wedding gift. Caught in the act I explained what had happened, to which she replied: Dont worry dear, we have ants in Remuera too.

Accidental friendship that lasts

When I was 23, a random old guy in his 70s sat next to me on the train one day. I was listening to music at the time but didnt want to come across as rude so I switched off my iPod, struck up some crap conversation about the weather and we started to chat. He asked about my music taste and if I played any instruments. I play violin, guitar and piano and my granddad plays accordion and his eyes lit up when I mentioned this. Turns out that he composed both classical music and Scottish country dance music, however he was not great at playing the required instruments and had never heard his composition being played, he had only imagined what it would sound like. We exchanged phone numbers and addresses before we parted ways and he sent me some sheet music of a song that he had composed with violin and accordion parts. My granddad and I got together and practised the music and surprised the man with a visit, instruments in tow. Guy was bawling like a baby when he heard his music being played and said, apart from his wedding day, it was the best day of his life! He said that when I started chatting to him that day that I restored his faith in the younger generation and he will be forever grateful for my friendship. That was almost 10 years ago and him and my granddad now get on like a house on fire! I still see him regularly and we exchange cards at Christmas. (Via Reddit)
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