It's already provided more drama - and occasional comedy - than most free-to-air television this year and it all comes to a head this Saturday.

Whether you're watching alone or planning a special election party, here's a quick rundown of where to get your political fix this weekend.


The team at 7 Days deliver their Election Special, shining a light on some of the campaign's funnier moments and no doubt, taking a few pot shots along the way. Will they get comedy's new superstar impersonator Thomas Sainsbury in the house for a bowl latte and nice panini? We can but hope.


When: 8pm
Where: Three


Heather du Plessis-Allan returns to our screens (or should that be streams?) as she teams up with Tristram Clayton to host the Herald's Election Night Party. Broadcasting live from 7pm, the invite list includes newsmakers and newsbreakers from around the country - along with a panel of experts and political guests.

The best part? There are no ads.

When: From 7pm
Where: Streaming live on


Mike Hosking, Hilary Barry, Simon Dallow and Wendy Petrie will join political editor Corin Dann and investigative journalist Jehan Casinader at TVNZ headquarters for their election special. Crossing live to reporters around the country, the team promises to deliver "authoritative coverage and insightful analysis" as the results roll in.

When: From 7pm
Where: TVNZ1


Duncan Garner will host the Newshub Election Special, alongside political editor Patrick Gower and The Nation's Lisa Owen from 7pm on Three. The team will be joined by a panel of journalists and political experts as the votes are counted.

Garner promises the coverage will be fast and furious, adding: "I'm also teaming back up with Paddy and he refuses to wear a short leash - so anything can happen. Make a night of it, grab the popcorn, there's too much at stake to miss this."

We suggest a cheeky beverage to go with that popcorn, from which you should slug heavily any time Paddy mentions a "youthquake" or TALKS. LIKE. THIS.

When: From 7pm
Where: Three


Both TVNZ and Three promise plenty of post-election coverage the morning after - details are light because, well, who knows what will happen. But people will have plenty of opinions whatever the outcome. Three will feature a special 60-minute episode of the The Hui on Sunday morning from 9am, followed by a 90-minute special of The Nation, while TVNZ's Tagata Pasifika and Q&A will both focus on post-election analysis.

When and where: 7.30am on TVNZ 1 and 9am on Three

Listen to our TimeOut Talks podcast below to find out how the TimeOut team plans to watch the election: