The Block's runner-up team are giving back to the community by gifting money raised for them to charity.

Fans of Stace and Yanita have already donated to a Givealittle page set up by a hardcore fan who felt they deserved the win over eventual winners Andy and Nate.

Stace Cottrill told fans on Twitter: "So grateful for the Givealittle page created for us. We'll be donating all funds to [Lifeline Aotearoa]."

She ended the tweet saying: "Thank you, New Zealand. Beautiful people.''


There was huge controversy after a second auction led to Andy and Nate selling their house for $1,250,000 - $31,000 above reserve, making them the winners after Stace and Yanita already believed they had come out tops.

Fan Adam Robertson, who created the fundraising page for them, said they deserved to win.

"Rightful winners of The Block NZ 2017 - Stace & Yanita - 12 hard weeks of intense physical labour and being away from family and friends.

"Winning highest profit at The Block NZ 2017 auction.

"Being the winners and everyone thinking they were to receive an extra $100,000 to being told they weren't the winners and they take home $20,000 as Andy and [Nate] got 2nd go at the live auction.

"Stace & Yanita can do whatever they want with the money. They deserve it.''

As of 7.30am, people had donated just over $3400.

Christchurch brothers Ling and Zing also have a Givealittle set up for them, after netting just $1000 profit for their hard labour on the show.


Almost $20,000 had been raised by 7.30am today.