Stacey Cottrill had a rough Sunday night when she watched her potential $100,000 Block winnings vanish right in front of her.

And the reality TV star's bad luck has continued with a cancelled flight home to Palmerston North.

Now, Cottrill has taken to Twitter to compare the two incidents - and she's delivered a none-too-subtle message to Mediaworks in the process.

Cottrill and her Palmerston North bestie Yanita McLeay were thought to be The Block's winners during Sunday's live auction finale.

Stace and Yanita console each other's after Sunday night's live auction disappointment. Photo/Three
Stace and Yanita console each other's after Sunday night's live auction disappointment. Photo/Three

But the pair's potential win with their $20,000 auction earnings was eclipsed by Nate and Andy when the Hamilton pair were allowed to return for a second go at the auction.

They scored $31,000 over reserve, scouping the show's $100,000 prize and leaving Stace and Yanita visibly shocked.

Many claimed their second chance at the auction was unfair, but Three said: "This is a reality of auctions and keeps the bidding transparent."

What a rollercoaster! Like all of New Zealand watching we were surprised by how tonight went. Lots of you are asking how...

Posted by Three on Sunday, 17 September 2017

Stace and Yanita are yet to discuss Sunday night's loss, but Cottrill's bad luck continued last night when she saw her flight home cancelled.

So she took to Twitter to compare her missed flight to Sunday night's controversial auction.

"Flight home to Palmy cancelled," she wrote on the social networking site.

"No wait. Maybe they awarded me the seat. And then decided to take it away?"

One viewer replied: "im glad u can laugh about it stace! so unfair! u both did an amazing job! have a safe flight home." (sic)


After the second auction controversy, Nate and Andy called their win "bittersweet".

However, they said their $130,000 winnings weren't enough to share around with their fellow contestants, who spend three months renovating homes potentially for no financial reward.

A Givealittle page set up for Stace and Yanita has so far raised close to $2000.

Another, for contestants Zing and Ling, who took home just $1000, the equivalent of working for 12 weeks for $0.48 cents an hour, has raised more than $16,000.