A real-life dead body was found on set during filming of a new BBC drama about a serial killer.

BBC staff were force to halt filming of Rellik when the corpse was discovered, turning Cambridge Heath Park in east London into a genuine crime scene.

The cadaver was found by police in the east London park, just before the film crew arrived to shoot a scene featuring a body

"The crew ­arrived to film their own dead body and the ­police told them they weren't able to, because they'd found a real dead body," actor Paterson Joseph told the Mirror.


"It was bizarre, fact being stranger than fiction," he added.

The filming has been blighted by many real-life events eerily echoing the Rellik plot.

Joseph, 53, said: "There were a lot of strange coincidences. Richard [Dormer], who plays our main character, getting impetigo and his face being covered in blotches and blemishes.

"He got the same reaction as his actual character, who's been scarred in an acid attack. We found that odd."

While a series of acid attacks across London mirrored the filming of scenes involving the same crime.

Rellik, which is killer spelled backwards, was written by the same team who created The Missing.

Joseph, who was in Casualty and Peep Show, described the show as: 'Fast paced, dark and quite bloody.

"It's a mind-bender it really does twist your thinking. Rellik is dark but with humour. It's graveyard humour but there's a light tone in there," he added.