Gutt(er)ed to lose hospital stash

"I was a student nurse at Waikato Hospital in the mid 60s," writes a reader. "The introduction of antibiotics in the 50s meant that there was only one tuberculosis ward left. It had been built when the standard treatment for TB involved a lot of fresh air and this old veranda style ward had been enclosed with glass to make rooms. It became apparent that suddenly some of the patients had access to alcohol, but even a good search of lockers etc did not reveal the stash. But during a heavy rainstorm, the gutters around the ward were overflowing, so a request was made for the maintenance crew to come and clear whatever was creating the flood. Bingo! The stash was found, very cunningly a row of beer bottles were lined up in the gutters! Because of the style of the conversion from open verandas to enclosed rooms, anyone over 6ft tall would have easily been able to place and retrieve the bottles."

US author hopes to coin it

American author John Green's book The Fault in Our Stars sold more than 18 million copies. His next book includes a tuatara and on Twitter he asked if anyone could get him 2000 old 5 cent pieces because there was a tuatara on them. Westlake Girls High librarian, Megan Davidson wants to help him out. "I can't imagine how tuatara will fit into the plot, or how he even knew about tuataras since he lives in Indiana!" she enthuses. "The book is being released October 10. John Green is a HUGE star in the young adult book world and I am hoping he will come to the Auckland Writer's Festival since his book includes a tuatara. Clearly he should come see a tuatara in person. Through his book potentially tens of millions of people will learn what a tuatara is!" So Megan reckons we should help him out and is asking Sideswipe readers to send their old 5c pieces to her at Westlake Girls High School, 2 Wairau Rd. Auckland 0627. And she will take them to America with her on September 29.

Responsible dog owner on pee patrol

To the woman in the white 4WD who hurled abuse at me, in Turama Rd, Royal Oak: "My dog was urinating, not defecating! I know she was, because I was watching. Female dogs squat to pee. Please do not yell your ignorance to this responsible dog owner. How very rude of you."

Grammar Police soap



Museums have a spat on Twitter

...and it's all very civilised. Two of the UK's most respected scientific institutions, the Science Museum and the Natural History museum try and out do each other in a very informative way...

Video pick

Downsizing is not a "Honey I Shrunk the Kids' kinda movie but more about the idea that making people smaller would solve the problems caused by over population. Starring Kristin Wiig, Matt Damon and Christoph Waltz. Check it out below...

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