Jaime Lee Curtis is set to return to the Halloween franchise that shot her to stardom with some help from a dynamic list of creators.

The Hollywood actor will step back into the iconic role of Laurie Stride in what's being deemed the final film in the Halloween series.

With films like Stephen King's IT, or J-Laws Mother, the industry is bringing a whole new breed of horror to the entertainment industry.

Halloween's new list of directors and producers doesn't disappoint and includes an impressive and diverse range of people.


According to Variety, two of these individuals include John Carpenter who will return as the executive producer and The Purgeand Paranormal Activity producer, Jason Blum.

David Gordon Green will be directing the movie from a script he co-wrote with the Pineapple Express director, Danny McBride. The list of contributors continues but the combination of those on-board will be sure to produce a nail biting product.

In the film, Curtis will have one final standoff with masked mass murderer Michael Myers, who she escaped from four decades ago on Halloween night.

The original film opened with a 6-year-old Myers killing his teenage sister in 1963.
Fifteen years later he escaped from a mental hospital and returned to the small town he lived in as a child to stalk a group of babysitters.

Cue Curtis.

The movie turns into a game of cat and mouse with Curtis narrowly escaping with her life and Myer's being shot point blank to his apparent death.

Since its inception, the franchise has produced a total of 10 and grossed an impressive $499.8 million internationally.

Curtis Tweeted about her return on Friday.

Let the countdown begin.