Lorde believes she contributed to New Zealand's housing crisis when she bought an Auckland home in 2016.

Speaking to US comedian Marc Maron on his podcast WTF, the pop star spoke about the New Zealand's current housing crisis, which has been dominating headlines and recent election debates.

She admitted to Maron her own purchase may have contributed to the problem.

"We have a housing crisis going on right now, which sucks," she told Maron when he inquired about her home city.


When Maron asked if that meant "too many rich people" buying houses, Lorde agreed, saying: "I'm definitely part of that problem, I think. I bought a house in the last two years.

"It's hard for young people to buy houses and to rent."

Lorde - real name Ella Yelich-O'Connor - purchased her home in early 2016 following the success of her debut album, Pure Heroine, and her chart-topping hit Royals.

The singer also revealed to Maron she had been granted honourary citizenship for Croatia due to her heritage on her mother's side.

She also said that her American friends "rip the s*** out of me for my accent all the time," including Jack Antonoff, with whom she worked on her latest album Melodrama.