Saturday's going to rain, Sunday's going to be cold, and at some point, there may even be a lightning storm.

With the kind of wintry weather Metservice is forecasting in Auckland this weekend, why the hell would you want to go outside?

Luckily, Netflix has dropped a whole bunch of stuff just in time for a massive weekend of telly bingeing.

Stock up on snacks, pull all the pillows off your bed and get comfy on the couch, because here's all the good shit worth streaming during these dark days.


Bojack Horseman

He's harsh, head-strong, washed-up, bleak-as, funny-as-hell and occasionally a little bit heartwarming. The star of this so-dark animated Netflix series is an ageing sitcom actor - and he's also a horse. He's Bojack Horseman, to be exact, and season four of this excellent series begins today.


Bryan Fogel starts out his debut documentary with a pretty simple premise: what if he doped himself up like Lance Armstrong and tried to win the Tour de France? Suddenly, he finds himself knee-deep in a Russian sports doping scandal. It's kind of like David Farrier's Tickled but with more Vladimir Putin.

The Incredible Jessica James

No, it's not a TV show, but 2017 Sundance hit The Incredible Jessica James carries the same tone as current hip series Atlanta and Insecure. That means cute cuts, wicked one-liners, awkward encounters, constant in-jokes, a fine lead performance by ex-Daily Show reporter Jessica Williams, the always incredible LaKeith Stanfield and a cameo by comic Chris O'Dowd.


Since season three of this Mexican drug cartel story dropped last Friday, my office neighbour Karl has spent the entire week finding new adjectives to describe just how awesome Narcos is. I'm going to watch it just to shut Karl up.

Marc Maron's stand-up special

You might know Marc Maron as that grumpy old due from '80s wrestling series Glow, but he's actually a pretty popular podcaster and stand-up comic. Here's his latest show. Warning: It's all about Trump.