Harriet Kemsley is nervous. She's recently survived the stress of planning a wedding while simultaneously filming a comedy series about it.

But now she's realised her parents are about to see said series. And she's sweating.

"My family are in the first episode and they're going to watch it for the first time when it goes out," she says, laughing nervously. "Their friends are coming around to watch it with them. Some things that are discussed, you just don't want your parents to hear."

Most of those things are said by her new husband, fellow comedian Bobby Mair. Mair has already banned his in-laws from coming to his stand-up shows - but he can't stop them watching TV.


Filmed in the days leading up to their wedding, Bobby and Harriet Get Married is a delightfully awkward reality sitcom based on their relationship, set to premiere on Viceland next week.

"It's a sitcom much more than it is reality," Mair says down the line from Montreal, where he's performing at the Just For Laughs festival.

Kemsley, who is back home in London, adds: "It's based on our real relationship and our real friends. But it's plotted. We've used things from our lives and brought them into the world. We're improvising in the moment but we know what we want from the story because we've already lived it. And we've exaggerated it."

What ensues is a sweetly chaotic tale of two people who rarely agree on anything.
When asked if that's really how they are, they answer at the same time.
"That is how we interact," says Mair.

"It is exaggerated," says Kemsley, laughing as she realises they've given completely opposite answers.

It's that dynamic that inspired their friend and director Stu Richards to pitch the series, which was given the green light only six weeks before their wedding.

"We both do comedy and we both find similar things funny but we're very different people. I think that leads to a specific type of comedy, our kind of opposing values," Kemsley says.

"In terms of writing the show and what we find funny, we're definitely on the same page of humour. We make each other laugh really hard," says Mair.


"Often in a relationship you're not very likeable. You do things where there is no funny moment. It's uncomfortable. But we always have to find the funny."

Kemsley adds: "I think there are times on the show when we aren't likeable, definitely."
But that only adds to the series' charm, which encourages viewers to take pleasure in the couple's dysfunction.

"We just want other people to feel better about their relationships," Mair says, joking.

"I hope what people take from the show is watching a couple and thinking we're not that bad. We're okay. At least we're not these people."

Who: Comedians Bobby Mair and Harriet Kemsley
What: Bobby and Harriet Get Married
Where: Viceland
When: Tuesday, 8.30pm