Air New Zealand released its new safety video this morning and the internet seems to be loving it - especially Kiwis.

The new video, a "Fantastical Journey", stars Hollywood actors Katie Holmes and Cuba Gooding Jr, playing Gods taking a tour through a Kiwi dreamscape.

It's ... kind of crazy.

Here are five WTF moments we had while watching the three-minute safety clip.


1. Is this a Scientology ad?

When this clip starts autoplaying on your Facebook feed, it's not hard to think: Oh wait, is Katie Holmes here to convert me to Scientology?

Was this connected to Tom Cruise's brief visit to Auckland's Church of Scientology?

Sadly not. But for a second, that visual (above) was fairly compelling.

2. What on earth is happening?

White water rafting on the clouds? This was the first sign the clip would be the definition of OTT.

It's the precursor to skiing on pavlova, sailing through flat whites and rowing through clouds. Because New Zealand.

3. Really?

We know, rugby and New Zealand are fairly synonymous, but...really?

Rugby fans are likely to be sufficiently chuffed though.

4. Oh, Cuba...

Did anyone ever imagine they'd see Cuba Gooding Jr demonstrating airline safety? Oxygen masks never had this much star power before.

5. What was that about being OTT?

A lighthouse-turned-rocket ship, soaring through Scientology space past Cuba Gooding Jr's giant head? What more could you want?

It's a lot, but in a good way. The imagery is beautiful, the references typically tongue-in-cheek and the general vibe - despite the two American stars - is undeniably Kiwi.

And for those reasons, Kiwis are loving it.

But that isn't stopping some fans from poking a bit of light-hearted fun:

Collectively, Air NZ's safety clips have generated more than 108 million views.