We're just a week away from the return of Game of Thrones. So the Herald's entertainment team decided to spend all week talking about it. Here's our second instalment: Which character do we most want to die next? Read our replies below ...

Joanna Hunkin:

Had you asked me this before the end of season six and I would ranted and raved about all the reasons the High Sparrow needed to die. But then Cersei came along and torched him to a crisp in one of Thrones' most satisfying moments.

Unlike Arya, I don't have any other names on my kill list. I mean, Littlefinger is a bit of a creep but that's hardly a hanging offence. If forced to choose, I'd have to go Daenerys. She's just been a little too smug lately. And as we all know, pride comes before a fall.


Siena Yates: I'm not saying this to be controversial I swear, but Jon Snow must die. I cannot possibly be the only one who has had just about as much as they can take of him.

So the kid's good with a sword and is beautiful. Who cares? We already have Brienne of Tarth for that. Jon's basically the GOT embodiment of everyone's mid-2000s emo phase and very much the Harry Potter of this series - winging it with the help of some friends, making foolish choices (like exiling the witch who brought him back to life) and being mad when no one understands him.

Maybe just hand the north over to Queen Sansa and wait quietly for Melisandre to come take back that second life she gave you.

Rachel Bache: It's time for Petyr Baelish to go. I've had enough of his scheming and I don't want him dragging his hooks into Sansa Stark again.

Sansa got herself into all kinds of trouble for trusting Littlefinger - it seems to be a mistake far too many Thrones characters have met their demise over - so now's a good time to take revenge.

I would absolutely love to see Littlefinger get what's coming to him...perhaps by the sword of Brienne of Tarth who's always had Sansa's back (and is a total badass), or maybe Arya should add him to her death list? I'm sure she'd have a creative way of dealing with him. Petyr pastry anyone?

Karl Puschmann: It takes a lot for me to wish ill fortune upon someone; talking loudly, walking slowly, sitting in the aisle seat on a crowded bus leaving the window seat empty...You know, big things like that.

So it's hard for me to look at the rich tapestry of characters in Game of Thrones and think, 'die you cur!'. No matter how dastardly or bastardly they've been. Unless, that is, I'm looking at Jon Snow.


His whole prior cliffhanger death and season opening resurrection was total BS as far as I'm concerned. Dude died. He should be dead. Voodoo magic or not. So now that whassherface the witch has hoofed it outta there I'm really hoping someone will come along and kill him right this season.

Chris Schulz: Okay, bear with me here, this might be a bit controversial.

After all, most of the super evil bad guys on Thrones have already departed. RIP Ramsay Bolton, King Joffrey and the High Sparrow. So up next on the chopping block surely has to be at least one of Daenerys' dragons. I know. I know! You can't kill a dragon.

Yes, you can, and here is why it needs to happen: It's not a fair fight. Every time Daenerys gets in trouble, a fire-breathing beast swoops in, burns her enemies to a crisp, wings her away to safety, and saves the day. What is Daenerys without her dragons? Surely it's time to find out.

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*Game of Thrones' seventh season debuts on Monday on Sky TV's SoHo channel.