Masterchef Australia judge Matt Preston made a community radio announcer squirm during an incredibly awkward interview.

The MasterChef judge was a guest yesterday morning on the Fresh 92.7 breakfast show in Adelaide, which is hosted by Cameron Doyle and Alex Lokan.

Unbeknownst to Doyle, his co-host had challenged Preston to ignore all of the announcer's questions during the interview and that's exactly what he did.

The Channel 10 star happily answered the first couple of questions from Lokan before Doyle asked him about the previous night's episode of MasterChef.


"They were battling the wind last night," Doyle said, "have you ever found yourself cooking in the elements like that with the wind?"

Preston played it perfectly and replied with a simple, "hmmm," before looking off into the distance.

"Not a fan of that question?" Lokan said before she took control of the interview again.

Doyle summoned the courage later in the chat to ask another question but once again it was met with a steely response from the TV judge.

Cam's little face when Matt Preston just ignores his questions :( Why so salty Presto? Thanks MasterChef for dropping by.

Posted by Fresh 92.7 on Tuesday, 27 June 2017

"Do you ever enjoy non-fine dining?" Doyle asked nervously.

Cue awkward silence as Preston again refused to respond.

After what must have seemed like an eternity for Doyle, his co-host Lokan eventually put him out of his misery.

"Cam, have you noticed that Matt hasn't been paying any attention at all to your questions?" Lokan asked.


"Um ... yeah," he replied.

"You understand why that is, Cam, don't you?" Preston said.

"Because I'm not a very good interviewer?" the host said.

"It's because Alex hates you and wanted to throw you under the bus," Preston revealed.

Masterchef Australia host Matt Preston (right) was intentionally pranking the radio host. Photo / supplied
Masterchef Australia host Matt Preston (right) was intentionally pranking the radio host. Photo / supplied

Speaking to, Doyle said he was 100 per cent convinced the MasterChef judge hated him.

"I was falsely warned the day before that Matt had a bit of a moody reputation so I was trying to prepare for anything," Doyle said.

"He was so nice when we first met, then he just completely ignored my questions. I thought, 'I'm done here, Matt Preston hates me and I have no idea why.' I also thought I was just a rubbish interviewer so he was giving me doughnuts."