Move over, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift: the new celebrity feud captivating us online is between Seth Rogen and ... Rob Schneider.

The bizarre spat seemingly came out of nowhere, beginning with Rogen tweeting that he'd been blocked by Schneider.

The Bad Neighbours star captioned a zoomed-in screenshot of the comedian's page: "What the f**k?"

Obviously then deciding he had nothing to lose, Rogen dug the boot in.


Even Beverly Hills: 90210 alum Jason Priestly seemed concerned by the drama unfolding before him and decided to chime in.

After making him sweat it out for a few hours, Schneider publicly tweeted Rogen and brokered a deal to reinstate their friendship, and - like all good business negotiations - it involved a meeting with Rogen's occasional co-star, James Franco.

Strangely, the Grown Ups actor never actually explained what his problem was in the first place (so thank God for James Franco).