Duncan Garner was in denial about problems with his weight until his wife finally got him to stand on the scales - and it wasn't good.

Speaking to the Woman's Day, The AM Show host says he weighed in at 118kg and thought: "Shit, I need to do something about this."

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That was the wake-up call he needed to slim down; he joined boxer David "Brown Buttabean" Letele's Motivation fitness classes and reined in his diet, cutting down on sugar, carbs, portion sizes and a bad habit of grabbing a pie for breakfast.


While at the Buttabean Motivation classes, Garner met people gave him a glimpse of what his life could easily have become.

"There are some really big, obese and unhealthy people with incredible stories who are trying to change their lives, which I find inspiring.

"These people struggle to get out of bed or hop into a car - if they don't do something about it, they're going to die. Some of them are up to 200kg, which makes me look like a bloody midget, but if could easily be me. If I'd left it another year , I might have needed a rope to pull myself out of bed."

However, after attending regular fitness sessions and making a few lifestyle changes, Garner has dropped 12kg, has more energy and is as fit as he's been in a decade.

His goal is to get under 100kg.