Survivor contestant Georgia Bergerson says she found it challenging adjusting back into normal life after leaving the show - particularly when it came to food.

"My stomach had shrunk so much, so it was really hard for me to keep down food for a couple of weeks.

"I was really really skinny, the skinniest I've ever been. I was 47kg, and pretty weak and mentally stuffed up from the whole experience."

Despite excelling at multiple challenges and proving herself a strong contender in the game, Bergerson was eliminated last night after losing her second Redemption Island challenge to Shay. Bergerson's tower of tiles unluckily crumbled when she was moments from winning, meaning Shay re-entered the game with her structure still standing.


Bergerson describes the moment the tower fell as "devastating."

"I just could not believe that I was literally one tile away from winning. You don't actually see but we had quite a big gust of wind that comes... I could just feel it collapse under my hands," she says.

"I just thought, 'What the heck! This cannot be over for me.' I just couldn't believe it."

Despite her unlucky exit, she says she's "so proud" of the way she played the game and looks back on her experience fondly.

"I definitely feel like I've gone out with my head really high. I think I've played the game just how I wanted to play it, and it was just unfortunate for me that I didn't have luck on my side."

Georgia Bergerson says the whole experience left her
Georgia Bergerson says the whole experience left her "pretty weak and mentally stuffed up." Photo / Scott McAulay

Bergerson's early alliance with her fellow Hermosa tribemate Mike set romance rumours flying early on in the season, and it was clear that her older competitors (Nate and Barb) were not in favour of their close friendship. Bergerson says it wasn't romantic, but that she's not surprised it was portrayed in such a way.

"I had this feeling that they were going to do that. We were definitely a tight alliance, and I guess - if Mike was a girl they wouldn't portray it that way. Just because he's a guy, of course they're going to try ham that up."

As for Nate, she ponders whether he was uncomfortable with the idea of a strong woman in a position of power.

"In reality Nate is a cop, and he's in charge. Maybe he didn't like the camp being run by - I wouldn't even say I was running it, but I guess I was in a better situation than he was in because I had the numbers on my side.

"I like to think of myself as young and confident and a strong female, and maybe he didn't like that."

It's been noted that the inaugural season of Survivor: New Zealand has been very swift at getting rid of the women - all but one eliminated contestants have been female so far, while Lou had to leave after falling prey to illness.

Only three women are among the remaining contestants. Photo / Scott McAulay
Only three women are among the remaining contestants. Photo / Scott McAulay

With just three women left, Bergerson wonders whether it's down to the fact that they were seen as a threat.

"We must be tough women, we have to take that as a compliment. I don't think it was at all based on gender... I think it was just that we're all strong women and strong competitors."