Being socially awkward is usually a bad thing.

But for comedy starlet Angella Dravid it's her life blood. She perfectly packaged her hectic love-life in carefully-crafted hesitancy for her second sold out show last night.

All it takes is a worried glance, a breathy pause or nervous fidgeting to set the crowd chuckling.

In her show Down The Rabbit Hole, Dravid takes us through the story of her failed marriage with each revelation more dramatic than the last.


It's a love story, "except it went a bit wrong. Really wrong".

The crowd loved it, albeit sometimes nervously, as the NZ Comedy Guild Award winner unabashedly ploughed through confronting topics.

There was the time her ex-husband gave her a "toe job" and all she could think about was if someone walked in it would look like she was birthing a fully-grown man.

A lot of the story centred around her ex, who was 45 when he met her in an online chatroom at 16.

And the stories just got weirder, like when Dravid pushed a photo frame over her ex's head.

Despite the drama, Dravid managed to find scraps of a silver lining in most situations - like being repetitively strip searched. "It kind of improved my body confidence. I could just strip and be like, 'This is my body, I've got nothing to hide'."

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Posted by NZ International Comedy Festival on Monday, 1 May 2017

If you want to see someone truly unique, this queen of the awkwardly unabashed is just your ticket.

Who: Angella Dravid
What: Down The Rabbit Hole
When and where: The Classic Studio until May 20