Thousands of people from around New Zealand are expected to vie for tickets to the iconic Tarnished Frocks and Divas - the latest show is entitled 'Zoetica'.

"Zoetica is able to actually travel into a lot of different spaces this time. The thread is what women are doing!"

Robyne Dowdall says it's all about empowerment - everyday women leading the way in the latest entertainment extravaganza.

"By the time those same women step out onto those boards - and they just strut. It's so empowering to watch."


The show - which includes fashion, music and entertainment - has been produced in Tauranga every other year for more than a decade - with every woman involved in the biennial event 40 plus.

This year, national stars involved in the production include cookery queen Peta Mathias, singer Jackie Clarke and Riverdance star Caitriona Fallon.

"I feel like there are beautiful women all around me supporting me, and that's such a gorgeous thing to be involved with."

Mrs Fallon moved to Tauranga in January, and says she felt compelled to get involved in the show.

She says it's become an integral part of her process of settling into the Bay of Plenty.

The show is on at the ASB Arena from 30 August to 2 September.

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