Lynda Carter was a cultural and feminist icon in the 1970s, playing Wonder Woman.

Dressed in a tight-waisted body suit, the character fought for women, with thousands of young girls around the world looking up to her.

Now 66, Carter says she has no regrets about playing a role once referred to as being a "cultural icon" with a "strength of character".

And she says the costume "was not a sexual invitation".


"I totally support the character, that is for sure. It's about her intellect, and her character and it's so much more than her 'beauty'. She was about fighting for what's right and being FOR women and not necessarily against men.

"I really do think the character [Wonder Woman's real name is Diana Prince] is strong and powerful and she embodied the empowerment of women."

The original TV series was made between 1974-79, and with a new Wonder Woman movie about to be released, more people are looking back to that period, and she is being recognised.

"I guess it's part and parcel of being famous for a long time and it really still amazes me, to be honest, that people still recognise me from a show that was on so long ago."

And while the new movie has piqued people's interest in the original show, the actor isn't looking back wistfully, she's still working hard.

"I've just finished an album and some shows and I've just finished doing [TV series] Supergirl and I have a movie coming out called Super Troopers 2, which is a comedy," she says.

"I really tend to look at things in the 'now' as opposed to looking behind or in arrears."

Carter has been in the spotlight for most of her life, after winning a local Arizona beauty contest and then the Miss World USA competition (representing Arizona).

After reaching the semi-finals of the 1972 Miss World competition, she took acting classes and soon had appearances on TV shows such as Starsky and Hutch and Cos.

While she is still acting, Carter has also taken on another new role - as the face of successful Aussie fashion label Peter Alexander.

"I wanted to do this because it just appealed to me.

"How his company represents itself, the quality, the prices and who he is as a human being was what really appealed to me with this collaboration," Carter told in New York.

Being a huge fan of Wonder Woman from an early age, describing Carter as his "epic schoolboy crush", Peter Alexander was thrilled to have Carter, and her daughter Jessica Altman, on board, particularly with the strong mother-daughter relationship they have.

"Speaking of mums, I would never be the name that I am today without my mum," Alexander says.

"Each year when I am designing my Mother's Day Collection I am always thinking about how I can bring that sense of love, appreciation and of course style for all mums to enjoy."

Alexander's passion for animal rights - being the ambassador for the RSPCA - created an immediate affinity between Carter and himself.

"I felt a real synergy with Lynda the moment we started chatting," he said.

"It's a brand that I just get," added Carter.

"I love how much fun he has, from the pyjama designs to Peter himself, it's full of love and energy.

"As a woman and mother, there was nothing I loved more than being able to celebrate Mother's Day with someone so passionate about life and work, and having my daughter alongside me for this shoot was an added bonus."