Give Beaver a jersey!

Seen on Twitter - a message sent to the Chiefs' rugby team account: "Hey there. This is probably more of a question for management, but I notice Beaver is playing a lot of minutes lately. Is there a plan in place to manage his workload when he gets named in the All Blacks team to face the Lions?" Yep, the country is still in love with 2011 World Cup hero Stephen Donald. Someone should send him whitebaiting during the Lions tour, just in case he's needed to step up and kick us another match-winning penalty.

An airline bouquet

A reader says with so much bad publicity flying around about airlines, she feels the need to report some uplifting news. "Several years ago my daughter, who lived in Napier, had booked to fly to Auckland by Air NZ for her brother's wedding. Her friend ... was running late and when they arrived my daughter was told that the flight had closed and another person had been given her seat. A local businesswomen ahead of her had been told the same thing and told the counter staff in no uncertain terms that she was attending a very important business meeting in Auckland and 'did they not know she was' - to no avail.

"The counter person then noticed my daughter's tears and asked her what the problem was. When my daughter explained that she was going to miss her brother's wedding the staff member said 'Just wait here I shall be right back'. When she did return the receptionist handed my daughter two tickets, explaining that one was for the next flight leaving Napier shortly for Wellington and when she arrived there she was to board a flight to Auckland. Both flights were at no extra charge. When she arrived I was able to pick her up at Auckland airport and get us all to the wedding on time."

Too old to drive?

Kurt Bayer's report last week about New Zealand's oldest driver - Bill Mitchell, 104 - renewing his driver's licence brought back memories for one reader of a Sydney newspaper item about a 96-year-old being contacted by the NSW authorities to say he needed to sit a test to ensure he was still capable of driving safely. The letter to the man advised that, given his age, he should bring along a younger driver in case he failed the test and had to be driven home. The man subsequently arrived for his exam with his 94-year-old mate - with whom he played golf each week - in tow. He passed the test.


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